About Us

I've always been drawn to artistic pursuits, though not necessarily in drawing. From knitting to woodwork, quilting to crafting signs and decals, these hands-on experiences laid the groundwork for my journey. As life unfolded, I was always in perpetual motion, I was either redecorating my home,  hosting craft nights with friends, or crafting handmade gifts for my loved ones.


About Us, Continued

Amidst the struggles with depression that marked much of my life, crafting became a solace, a therapeutic outlet. Later on, running entered the picture, adding another layer to my journey of self-discovery. Life's challenges persisted, but I was determined to overcome depression, pushing myself to train rigorously for my first marathon, which eventually evolved into tackling ultra marathons on the trails of Vancouver Island. Overcoming fears and disciplining myself, I accomplished this monumental goal. 

Yet, it was the gentle march of time and the echo of "time flies" that stirred something profound within me. Memories and cherished moments took on a higher significance as I realized that certain scents could transport me to better, simpler, and happier times. Fuelled by a lifelong love for scented candles, the idea of creating them for a business began to take root. In 2023, I launched my candle business. 

My introductory creations, 'Trail Run' and 'Sea La Vie,' were more than just names for candles to me; they were encapsulations of therapeutic experiences. 'Trail Run' embodied the essence of therapeutic forest runs and the triumphs achieved, while 'Sea La Vie' served as a reminder of the soothing sound of waves and the ocean's scent during my moments of beach therapy.